Tips on Owning and Training a Black German Shepherd

Black German ShepherdBlack German Shepherds, rather the whole breed of German Shepherds have a good reputation of being a capable and smart dog. Being that way, most pet owners think that training it would be very easy. But really, that notion may or may not be true.

First of all, pet owners should understand that German Shepherds are individually different from each other so training would definitely not be easy, at least not at first. When it comes to shepherd training, it is essential that you as an owner first has to understand well the nature of a black German shepherd.

It is important that you are able to establish a good relationship with your black puppy shepherd as it proves to be very helpful when it comes to training. You see, the best German shepherds have been taught to do so many things, from complex tricks for show, guide to blind people, assistant to law enforcers and even in search and rescue.

German shepherds are simply one of the most intelligent breeds of dogs in the world. But even when that is the case, some tips and tricks are necessary for you to get the hang of training your black German shepherd.

The General Concept of Training German Shepherds
In general, training of German Shepherds is divided in two major categories which are the positive and negative reinforcement training. Here’s a few description of each category so you can familiarize yourself with the concept:

Positive Reinforcement Training – As the name suggest, positive reinforcement training is focused on encouraging the dog’s good behavior. This can be done through positive experiences and can be enhanced by rewards.

Negative Reinforcement Training – The same thing, negative reinforcement training is centered on the negative experiences of the dog which in a way prompts them to avoid doing and repeating bad behaviors in the future. In simplest terms, this training can also be called punishment training.

Tips and Tricks for Training Your Black German shepherd
After or before owning a puppy, remember that your first task would be to gather as much dog information that you can. This’ll help you know exactly which is no and yes for your German shepherd puppy. Following that, here are some important tips and tricks that will make it easy for you to own and train your black German shepherd:

• First of all, you must teach your puppy his shepherd training. Show him where his food and water dishes are, teach him when he’ll have to eat, where his bed is and all necessary routine every day. The key is consistency so he will remember everything you teach him.

• When training, it is best to take the positive approach but don’t go overboard with giving rewards. It matters how you teach each of your dog’s routines so if he can’t do it right away, be patient. Being impatient will only result to conflict and problems on behavior.

• Apart from daily routines, it is advisable that you teach your puppy with words as well. Some important words you must teach include “No” meaning “Stop what you’re doing” and “Good” which means “What you are doing is right”. This way, a single word or phrase from you will result immediate action from the puppy.

• When it comes to training puppies, no matter what breed that may be, teaching respect is a must. Your puppy has to learn respect so he will pay close attention to you. Apart from that, your puppy has to learn to properly respect you otherwise, he may learn all routine and words you teach, but still he’ll not follow you.

• No matter what, don’t train your dog with biscuits or any food treats. Doing so at first, you may be glad he’s following you. But in the end, this can result to your puppy doing each and everything at the beckoning of food treats. Aside from health impact to your puppy, it also means that you are the one being trained and not the other way around.

Apart from these tips, when your puppy is two to three months old there are necessary training that he has to undergo. These trainings include crate and housebreaking rules. Crate training is necessary to let your shepherd puppy learn that the crate is not a “doggie jail” but a safe and secure den for him.

Most of all, while training you have to be able to show your new puppy that he is an accepted part of the family. Being part of the family, he has to also learn that you are the leader of the house and that you are who decides what’s ok and what’s not.

Being able to successfully establish that will be great on your part. Seeing that you are capable as leader and that he must follow you, surely your new puppy will naturally submit to you.